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Launching the New 2017-18 Fall/Winter Collection - The Art-Nouveau Collection

I am extremely excited to launch the second collection of my new brand for the Fall and Winter of 2017-18. Art-Nouveau of the fin de siècle was always a period in the history of art which I admired and I finally decided that this season I will devote one of my 2 new collections to this glorious style. I used my meticulous line-drawing technique to create new images from old drawings from the end of the century, inspired by the natural forms and curved lines of plants and flowers, as you can see in The Garden of Yellow Pearls Silk Scarf. The new scarves in this collection are all printed on 100% fine twill silk and are as large as 135X135cm which is a great...

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Photo-Shoot of the New Winter 17-18 Collection - Behind the Scenes

Finally the new samples for the Winter 2017/18 Collection had arrived and we prepared for a photo-shoot that took place last Saturday in an amazing vila in Savion. There were 3 models on the set, which was a thrilling experience for me! One of them was my elder daughter Naama, for whom it was the first campaign ever... Here with my two sweet nieces ... The leading model Hani Sirkis  is a member of the Bat-Sheva Dance Company. Here with my own personal incredible photographer Eldad Rafaeli who did a breath-taking job during this day... He was bursting with creativity and came up with unbelievable compositions. It was quite an experience watching a real master at work! The styling was a true challenge for...

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The Fantasy Collection

When we were kids, my two cousins and I used to sneak into my grandmother Eva's bedroom, open the old closet's door to find the most sacred drawer: the one full of silk scarves… there were tens of them, in all colors, sizes and designs, made of pure silk, cool and soft and exciting…. We had this ritual where we would dress up from head to toe in these scarves, wrap them around ourselves, imagining we were princesses from a faraway kingdom… This was my grandmother Eva, her home would always ignite the imagination and inspire us to play and explore…(me on the left side, my cousin Anat on the right, 1976). When I was much older, Eva gave me...

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Inspiring NYC

I know I've written a post on NY here just a while ago, but that one week visit was so full of excitement and inspiration that I must share some more moments from that visit and bring my experience and sources of inspiration to share with others on this blog.... Gregory Murphy is an old friend of mine from 25 years ago when we first met in Paris. He is a designer and an extremely talented and creative person, lives in NY and is absolutely madly in love with this city. Walking the streets of Manhattan with him is like going through an amusement park.... He knows every corner, building and story connected to the place and will always show you the...

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The Line Drawing Collection

When planning my new brand, I wanted to create it as a place that could inhabit all those ideas and worlds that constitute my creative life, and at the same time would wrap them all up to create a new visual language. The Idea of the silk scarf being a blank 2D canvas on which I could place just about anything! – excited me. The Line-Drawing collection is a new phrasing of a drawing technique, which I developed about 15 years ago (before my two kids were born, which now seems a lifetime ago…). I then used my own photographs, outlined the objects and filled the entire negative space with a line pattern resembling a wavy organic texture that made...

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