New: The Flower Collection F/W 2017-18

Flowers are usually associated with spring, but why can't we enjoy them in the fall or winter?

I wanted a splash of bright colors and huge flowers.... making a statement. I am here. Flowers in your face!

I combined hand-painted flower drawings found in century-old encyclopedias with my own line-drawings, to create a brightly colored collection with the scent of old-times...

bringing the old into the new, creating a  cheerful and fantastic world of color and form...

Styling for the photo-shoot with this collection was a delight. We took the scenes even further, bringing in more colors and more patterns to create a flood of visual elements that would bring across an eclectic and daring vibe...taking luxury to its limits...

/the-pink-camelia-silk-scarf by Tal Angel designer scarves hermes luxury faliero sarti

"After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world."  Christian Dior

the-yellow-camelia-silk-scarf by Tal Angel designer luxury accessories scarves hermes faliero sarti

Featured in this article:

The Blue Camelia Silk Scarf

The Pink Camelia Silk Scarf

The Yellow Camelia Silk Scarf

The Blue Dhalia Silk Scarf


Photography: Eldad Rafaeli

Styling: Tal Angel and Naama Doron-Angel

Makeup: Bar Barak

Models: Hani Sirkis, Noam Chever and Naama Doron-Angel

Photographer's assistant: Yoav Alon

Clothes by Love Me Two Times and Itay Gonen Vintage Style

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