VOGUE Italia, December 2018
Tal Angel on VOGUE ITALIA   
Sicky Magazine, January 2019
Tal Angel for Sicky Magazine
Harper's Bazaar, January 2019 Issue
Tal Angel on Harper's Bazaar
L'Officiel Singapore, January 2019 Issue (page 117)
L'Officiel Singapore
Miss Fame wearing Tal Angel, January 2019
Miss Fame wearing Tal Angel
Chic Magazine, January 2019
7Hues Magazine cover story, December 2018 Issue
Tal Angel on 7Hues Mag
Let me be FREE Yarden Harel, December 2018
Tal Angel for Yarden Harel
Odalisque Magazine, Aquiver, October 2018
Tal Angel on Odalisque Magazine
Sicky Mag, October 2018 
Sicky Magazine 2018
Harper's Bazaar China, October 2018 Issue
Harper's Bazaar China
Mojeh Magazine, October 2018 Issue
Mojeh Magazine
VOGUE Ausralia September 2018 Issue
Tal Angel for Vogue Australia September 2018
Plaza Kvinna September 2018 Issue
Plaza Kvinna Magazine
Mojeh Men Magazine, September 2018 Issue
Tal Angel for Mojeh Men Magazine
Chic Teen Magazine September Issue 2018
Chic Teen Magazine September Issue 2018
Hunger Magazine September Issue 2018
Tal Angel for Hunger Magazine
Efifo Magazine August 2018
Efifo Magazine
Blanc Magazine featuring Miss Fame, June Issue 2018
Blanc Magazine Cover Story featuring Miss Fame, June Issue 2018
Phoebe Lourdes May 23rd, 2018
Phoebe Lourdes on Tal Angel
Color Blocker May 20th, 2018
color blocker blog on Tal Angel
Tamar Karavan editorial for Yediot Aharonot, May 2018
Top Members Magazine, April 2018
Disneyrollegirl blogger on Tal Angel's Silk Scarves 
Spotlighttime, December 2017
TLV Couture on Tal Angel's Silk Scarf collection 2017 Hermes Faliero Sarti
The Telegraph, Stella on The Sunday Magazine, May 21st 2017
Time Out Tel Aviv 24.11.2016
Laisha , by Shelly Gross 1.1.2017

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