The-Window-of-Yellow-Leaves -Silk-Scarf-square-carre-brown-white-135X135 cm-model-model-closeup3-by-Tal-Angel-hermes-faliero-sarti
The-Window-of-Yellow-Leaves -Silk-Scarf-square-carre-brown-white-135X135 cm-model-campaign1-by-Tal Angel-hermes
The-Window-of-Yellow-Leaves -Silk-Scarf-square-carre-brown-white-135X135 cm-model-model-closeup2 Tal Angel hermes scarves
The-Window-of-Yellow-Leaves -Silk-Scarf-square-carre-brown-white-135X135 cm-model-packshot-by-Tal-Angel-hermes
The-Window-of-Yellow-Leaves -Silk-Scarf-square-carre-brown-white-135X135 cm-model-full-view-Tal-Angel-hermes-sarti
The-Window-of-Yellow-Leaves -Silk-Scarf-square-carre-brown-white-135X135 cm-model-model-closeup1
The-Window-of-Yellow-Leaves -Silk-Scarf-square-carre-brown-white-135X135 cm-model-closeup2

The Window of Yellow Leaves Silk Scarf


>  LIMITED EDITION OF 10  so you get exclusivity on your chosen design

>  100% pure twill-silk of the best premium quality for an irresistible softness

> 135x135 cm / 53x53 inch  the classic timeless carré size

> 100% color fastness guarantied so you can enjoy everlasting vibrant colors

>  extra fine machine pin-hem made by the best professional tailors

>  Made in Great Britain by UK's leading and most innovative digital fabric printing company 


>  for ADDITIONAL COLORS press here

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