Photo-Shooting the New Collection: Behind the Scenes

photoshooting the new collection - Tal Angel

After a long preparation we finally gathered the new team for the photo-shoot at Eldad Rafeli's studio in Tel Aviv. I was surrounded by my favorite people and amazing professionals, with a handful of new scarves and some great energy.

photo shoot of the new collection - eldad rafaeli

My daughter Naama agreed to take part in the campaign for the second time already. But this time she got a lead part, alongside Shani Ben-Haim, a former dancer who starred in one of our campaigns 5 years ago. It was amazing to see them move together....

We decided to go for a very colorful and happy look, and to match the scarves I collaborated with the amazing Shahar Avnet and borrowed some incredible pieces for the shoot.

Tal Angel behind the scenes

The new collection includes a series of beautiful Twillies, which we photographed on the handbags of Caroline Mazurik, a friend and a talented designer, who came to give a hand during the shoot.

Caroline Mazuric's bags on the set of the new collection

Thank you Bar Barak from Snob Makeup for the beautiful work and your amazing energy!

Bar Barak for Tal Angel


And of course nothing would have looked anything like this if it wasn't for Eldad's incredible vision and professional experience which took everyone to the next level.

Thanks to Yoav Alon for assisting Eldad and for the good vibes you brought with you.

The new Collection will be launched within the next few days. Stay tuned.

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  • roni ben ari

    I bought scarves from Tali Engel, an artist who succeeds in her ability to combine colors, drawings and photographs that are both beautiful and subtle. So beautiful that there is no desire to remove them from the neck. kind regards, roni ben ari

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