Launching the New 18-19 F/W Collection - The Vienna Workshop Collection

The Vienna Workshop Collection

So this is the story of the new Vienna Workshop Collection, which has just been launched on my website...

A couple of years ago I received a gift from my mother when she returned from a trip to Vienna: A beautiful book about the textiles of the Wiener Werkstätte. The Vienna Workshop was a production community of visual artists in Vienna, Austria from the beginning of the 20th century. They brought together artists and designers of various fields and are regarded as the pioneers of modern design. I immediately fell in love with that book and said to myself that one day I must create a collection inspired by their work....

The Vienna Yellow Flower Silk Scarf

The members of the community were the perfect example of the beauty of collaboration between artists, bringing together their ideas and creativity to create something bigger than themselves.... Their work is still as relevant today as ever, and this collection is a homage to their spirit and vision....

The Blue Triangles Silk Scarf

The Vienna Green Leaves Silk Scarf

The textile patterns and prints of the Wiener Werkstätte reflect both the tastes of Viennese high society and the general trend towards artistic abstraction at the time...

The Vienna Pink Flower Silk Scarf

the-white-triangles-silk-scarf by Tal Angel

While studying those prints I realized how relevant and fashionable they still are and decided to revive them in a series of vibrantly and happy colored scarves, infusing my own designs and drawings to create a fusion of past and present in this new elegant collection...

The Vienna Blue Flower Silk Scarf by Tal Angel

 The Vienna Pink Flower Silk Scarf by Tal Angel

All photos of this collection taken by Eldad Rafaeli with endless amounts of love.

Makeup Bar Barak Snob Makeup

Models Shani Ben-Haim and my daughter Naama

Incredible dresses for the photoshoot by the talented  Shahar Avnet

Thanks to Yoav Alon for assisting Eldad

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