A New Collection: The Way to the High Mountain

the-way-to-the-high-mountain-collection by Tal Angel

"The Way to the High Mountain" is the name of a new book by photographer Eldad Rafaeli. This book includes Eldad's recent and most comprehensive works, incorporating an extraordinary body of work. 

"Carved by light out of the dark shadows, his images invite us to share his innermost thoughts and feelings about the connections he sees between himself and his subject...Rafaeli uses a low-key light in his images, which forces the viewer to focus on the dark details of the photograph. With careful observation we get closer to the photographer’s deeper concerns, that portray the tension of the state we live in. This is a place that has no borders, boundaries, or limits.” (Richard Grosbard)

While getting ready to launch the book we had thought of giving the book another dimension by printing it on silk to create a capsule collection of scarves which will accompany these works.

The next weekend we set out to the south of Israel to the Tzin Valley along with the amazing Itamar Asher and of course our very special friend Yoav Alon, without whom we cannot get anything done.

The wind was perfect and kept the scarves fluttering the whole time, the light was unbelievable and this new and breathtaking collection came to life.


Eldad has created a unique platform for the project which includes a film named after the book and an Artist Box.

The Way To The High Mountain TRAILER from Ben Mayor & Farag on Vimeo.

The Way to the High Mountain Artist Box

You can buy Eldad's book here and see the Whole Collection here.



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