New Collection

Launching my own new brand!

What a thrill!

 After 20 years in the fashion industry, after studying fine-arts and founding a brand as a young entrepreneur for lifestyle clothing, using only natural fabrics and relaxed silhouettes... I have been through designing more than 70 styles a season, owning shops, managing a team of workers, traveling around the world for production, selling my brand to a larger company where it expanded to a whole chain of stores under my management....

I have decided to stop this crazy race and go back to square one. To start from scratch. To create and fulfill my dream of combining my love and passion for art with the design skills I have acquired throughout these years. To go back to handling the fabric with my own two hands, smelling it, manipulating it, drawing again, sewing, cutting....

The feeling of starting a new and fresh business is exciting! Possibilities are boundless. I am truly thrilled to launch this new and  unique brand under my own name, and hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. You are welcome to plunge into my world of visual fantasy, picturesque memories and emotional landscapes, and I hope you will find it thrilling and heartwarming to wrap and adorn yourself in my designs.

(Photos in the back by Eldad Rafaeli)


  • Adva Volk

    Tali, you are mega talented. I both worked with you in the past and wore your designs ~~ I wear some of them until this very day ! I adore your way of staying true to nature and choosing natural fabrics… It makes it all even better !
    I enjoyed and was touched reading your story of transformation and am positive that only good can come of this !

  • תמר רימון

    כל כך מגיע לך….את מוכשרת , ממוקדת,רגועה ואוהבת…יש לזה רק פיתרון אחד.
    ה צ ל ח ה !!!!
    וכשאני אומרת הצלחה , אני מתכוונת לשמחה בלב, בהכי פשוט שאפשר.
    אוהבת אותך מאוד

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